What I do

I’m a video editor, producer, and motion graphics artist, out of Los Angeles.


The heart of my expertise is in storytelling. All the technical skills I’ve acquired have been for the purpose of telling better stories. I’ve spent the last 4 years as the Director of Media for Wound Care Advantage with the goal of improving lives by telling better stories. I’ve learned to apply my passion for editing, production, and cinema to better explain products and services. I’ve lived up to the challenges of the wound care industry by sticking to my core principle: Every project presents an opportunity to tell a powerful story. Whether that requires editing, producing, directing, or motion graphics. I find a way to get the job done well. I believe in producing high quality work that meets or exceeds expectations. At the end of the day, the only way I know how to deliver that is to tell better stories.







distilled media

Extract Story

Telling your story, and delivering your unique message is my ultimate goal.

Craft Visuals

Your project will have a modern look and feel, all my projects are custom designed to match your message.


I’ll work with you to refine each cut into an outstanding final cut.


My overall goal is to deliver a great project, that fully meets your expectations.


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About me


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I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing film since childhood. I picked up editing in the 8th grade, at first as a hobby but it quickly grew into a passion. In high school I was obsessed with directors like Spielberg, P.T. Anderson, Kubrick. After pursuing a degree in film production and editing I graduated from film geek to full-on cinephile. I learned to appreciate long and short films, old and new ones. I grew a passion for the French New Wave, Woody Allen, Terrence Malik, Hitchcock – the list is long so I’ll stop there. The bottom line is, my love for cinema is really a love for storytelling.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and I love this city. There’s a special place in my heart for for street tacos, local beer, sports, and the beautiful mountains. I know everyone boasts about the iconic beaches of LA, but I grew up along the foothills up against the National Forest. The one thing that makes feel most at home in LA are the rural edges of the city. I love so many of the characters that inhabit that space, so many of them are overlooked and misunderstood. LA is full of stories beautifully hidden from view as we drive past them in our cars. That’s what inspires me to tell stories.



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