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I love telling amazing stories, and explaining great ideas.





The Process

Distilling Media

Extract Story

Once I learn every detail of your project, I’ll extract the story. Telling your story, and delivering your unique message is my ultimate goal.

Craft Visuals

I’ll create the elements needed to convey your story. Animated, live action, or both. I’ll create these elements to bring out the character in your project.


It usually takes a few swings to hit a homerun. I’ll work with you to refine each cut into an outstanding final cut.


My overall goal is to deliver a great project on time, that fully meets your expectations.


“Craftsmanship Counts!”


Let the show begin.

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“Measure twice, cut once.”

About me

Who am I anyway?

Howdy, I’m Chris from Pasadena. I love telling stories and explaining great ideas. I work as the Director of Media at Wound Care Advantage, a healthcare company where my team and I take the complex world of Outpatient Wound Center Management and make it exciting! As crazy as it sounds, something as niche as Wound Center Management can be made fun and entertaining. I truly love my job because of the high creative capacity necessary to make our story matter to people. I bring a swiss army knife approach to each project, for every task I’ve developed a unique skill or tool-set. Some of the tools I use daily would be listening to my clients, project development, scripting, design, production, 2D animation and motion graphics, editing, and delivery. Part of that creative process is also working within our technical and budgetary confines and getting it done in a timely manner. Part of my objective as a freelancer is to offer the same kind of in-house custom treatment that I bring to my company while also expanding and diversifying my portfolio. Working for a corporation the last several years has taught me two valuable lessons, never bore your audience and never waste their time, even if the subject is dry, tell the story, and make it interesting.

Some random trivia about me: I live in Pasadena, a city just east of Los Angeles (think the Rose Bowl or the Rose Parade). I love new media, vintage audio equipment, and my 8mm film camera. I appreciate craftsmanship, so I try and bring a craftsman’s attitude to each project I work on. I had the pleasure of studying film production and editing in college. I love craft beer, traveling the world, and seeking out great food and music in each place I visit. Lets get to know each other and make something amazing!

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